1985 Dec 8 – 2nd Sun Advent (Bulletin Letters)

1985 Dec 8 – 2nd Sun Advent  (Bulletin Letters)


Dear Friends:


When we started having home masses in August, our focus was farm families and the rural crisis.  Good things came about from these gatherings.  The rural crisis is a very important concern and will continue to be a high priority.  However, our home masses have been taking on another character, one that I am very pleased with.  They have been opportunities for me to meet you in your home settings.  More and more the masses have been attended by family members only.  I have had a couple of masses in which the host couple was the only attendants.  I really enjoy the intimacy of such gatherings.  These weekly masses are my way of home visitation.  I have started asking non-farm families to host the masses.

I want to say two things about the masses.  1) It’s no big deal!  Hosting a home mass is no great burden.  There isn’t a home in the community unfit for a home mass.  A little drink and cookies afterwards should cause no great concern.  If you have Father over for supper beforehand – it’s no great fuss.  I’d gladly have whatever is on the menu.  My chances are better with you than left to myself in the rectory.  2) It is a big deal!  The Eucharist is the central prayer and life of our Church.  To have a home mass is a privilege.  It is an honor for me to be able to bring the Lord into your homes.  What better reason to make a visit than to also bring the Eucharist into your home?  Please be open to having a mass in your home in the future.  I like to keep scheduled a few weeks ahead of time.  If there is a week in which you would like me to come, let’s get it scheduled.

FRYING PAN:  I’m in need of a good heavy cast iron frying pan.  The Teflon pan has run its course and poses a health hazard for me if continually used.  If you have a spare one around, I could use it.



Fr. Frank





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