May 1980 v.p. What’s Happening

May 1980 v.p. What’s Happen

Cordaro, VP, Vol. 4, No. 3, May-July 1980, What’s Happening


By Frank Cordaro

Visitors :  It was our treat to have Fr. Darrel Rupiper from Omaha, one of the three clergymen who visited the hostages in Teheran over Easter, to share with us during our Friday night discussions.  Darrel’s message shed new light on the crisis, one that is far more honest about US participation in the injustices in Iran under the Shah that precipitated the taking of the hostages.  We wish to thank Fr. Rupiper for his willingness to speak the unpopular truth, and we pray that we could listen to what he has to say.

We’d like to offer special thanks to Eileen and Jamie who were down from ISU to help us out for a while, and to Tim Heller, an old staffer, who was back in town to give us a hand.  God bless you and come again.

Events Past : Holy Thursday–all night vigil at the county jail.  About 20 folks participated in the vigil to remember Jesus’ time in jail, and to recall that today, He is present in our jails in the poor and minorities who are the primary victims of our system of justice.

April 15–Tax Day leafleting at the post office.  Twenty-five people handed out leaflets against the military budget which consumes 47% of our tax dollars.

April 26-28–March for a Non-Nuclear World in Washington, D.C.

May 4-5–Ten year anniversary of the killings at Kent State and Jackson State at KSU. Fifteen Iowans were present.

May 10–State Pax Christi meeting in Iowa City.

May 11–Mother’s Day Action at the Duane Arnold Nuke.  Two hundred people attended the rally where 19 were arrested, including Jacquee Dickey and Lydia Cross from DM.

May 18–Armed Forces Day action at Rock Island Arsenal.  Twenty-one people prayed, leafleted, and read inside and outside of the Arsenal Museum.  The six inside were escorted off the Arsenal.

Events to Come:  May 31–Statewide Mobilization for Survival Meeting in Ames.


June 7–Anti-nuclear rally in Chicago.


June 14–Women and War, workshops for women on the draft, CO, foreign policy, alternatives to war.  9:00 am at the AFSC, lunch provided.  Contact Bobbi Welsh, 274-4851.


June 20-21–planning meeting for August 6-9 actions at SAC in Omaha.


July 18-27–Black Hills Survival Gathering, contact CW for more information.


August 6-9–Hiroshima, Nagasaki Commemoration at SAC Base in Omaha.



Gary Severin is well on his way to Africa.  Now we have two ex-staff persons international:  Gary in Ghana and Richard Cleaver in Tokyo, Japan.  Tim Brennan  stayed on to edit via pacis.  By the time you receive this issue in the mail he will be back in Milwaukee.  God gives so freely and I give so reluctantly.  And most reluctantly we say goodbye to Peter DeMott, who has left us after 14 months of good service.  It happened so fast I’m still spinning.  Our good friend Joyce Glynn informed us of the trouble that Omaha has staffing their houses of hospitality.  The Omaha CW has had a spotty history the past four years, recently running into some serious staff problems.  Joyce asked Peter to move into the CW with her and see if they can bring the needed stability and vision the effort so sorely needs.  Gallant Peter, responding to his hometown’s plea, has left us only in body, continuing to be with us in spirit at the Omaha CW.  We can only wish for Peter and our friends in Omaha God’s abundant blessings in the work we all share.  It is a great consolation to know that Peter will not be far from us, and we will continue to share directly in the campaign to convert SAC.  We love you Peter DeMott!  Still with us to lend the needed stability to the staff, after so many have taken their leave, is Steve Marsden.  I know it may sound strange to those who know Steve to call him a stabilizing force, but such is the case.  Steve is our longest on-again, off-again staff person her at the Des Moines CW besides me.

Steve’s summer project at the CW is to repaint the north side of the Ligutti House.  For the third year now the north side paint has peeled off.  We are having samples of the wood checked by the Vatican to see if it might be a relic of some kind since paint refuses to stay on it.  Ever faithful Eddy Polich is tending the CW garden for the fourth year. Now Lord, please send us some good rains!  Rev. Bob Cook and Brent Vanderlinden are offering limited hospitality at the Doyle Hansen House for ex-offenders.  They already have had a few guests.  We don’t see them as often as before for supper since they got their kitchen fixed up.  Keep them in your prayers.  Lydia Caros and Fr. Bert Wilwerding have moved into the Ligutti House.  Lydia will be starting her residency as a doctor at Methodist Hospital and Bert is between assignments from the diocese and is trying on the CW to see how it feels.  Donna Henderson and Patience Garvey will also be with us for the summer.  In the neighborhood and often visitors are Jacquee Dickey and Mary Berg.  They are both signed up for summer classes at Drake.  As for me, I plan to stay around the city for the rest of the summer, helping out in hospitality and organizing for the August 6 and 9 activities in Des Moines and at SAC.





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