The Reign Of God (St. Luke’s Beatitudes) by Frank Cordaro, Holden Village, June 5, 1987

The Reign Of God (St. Luke’s Beatitudes) by Frank Cordaro, Holden Village, June 5, 1987


We are a Strange lot – we Followers of Christ.

We owe our allegiance to a Reign not of this world.

Another time, another place – not out of this world but at the End of this world.


A backward looking people,

backwards that is from the End of Time,

where victory assured has fully arrived.

Merlan’s each one of us, with a future sense in the present tense.


A Reign to come, where the poor are blessed, the hungry filled, the homeless homed.

A Reign whear every need is fulfilled, every wrong is made right, every wound is made whole, every tear is wiped clean.


A Crowd that loves its enemies.

Willing to die for another, be killed but not Kill.

A time, a place where War is no more and Violence, long gone, ancient history.


A strange lot in deed,

we make our here and now choices on this future bet.

Following the Master,

the 1st Citizen of this Reign to Come,

Jesus the Christ.


And for all this we are hated, ostracized, insulted, called evil, enemies of the State.

No friend of the “Status Que”, the Rich, the Full, the Contented.

Out Side the Law, Outlaws are we.


Suffering now to rejoice latter…latter…how much latter?

Why, this Reign to Come is just around the corner,

any moment now,




So we say, as we live by, until we die




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