2017 Jan 10 & 11 Summary report for Rev Billy and Frank’s Pre-trial program and trial….

2017 Jan 10 & 11 Summary report for Rev Billy and Frank’s Pre-trial program and trial….

“Why Monsanto Couldn’t Jail Us: Reflections on a Trial by a Professional Protester” by Rev Billy, Truth Out, Jan 17, 2017 regarding his trial in DM last week

Dear OWFP  friends and supporters;

Though the DM Register did not deem it worthy to cover, last weeks trial  with Rev Billy has gotten some good national press on RT News below plus Rev Billy’s Jan 17 essay in Truth Out above.

     +++ Save Oct 19, 2017 for the next OWFP Rally and Direct Action at the World Food Prize ceremony at the IA Sate Capitol!
Jan 11 trial* makes national RT News* twice! ….
Jan. 15, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7l80iwX__c
This is a 3 min clip of Lee Camp talking about Rev Billy and our trial in DM last week Rev. Billy Talen peacefully protested a Monsanto-hosted corporate-ag lovefest at the Iowa State Capitol, so CLEARLY Iowa state troopers had to arrest him immediately for “trespassing.” But in the overreach of all overreaches, the state claims his “trespass” is good enough reason to ban his use of first amendment rights as a defense in trial. Lee Camp http://leecamp.net/ covers this travesty on Redacted Tonight, a national TV news program.
Jan 13, 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6UJBn7dLec
During an interview with Chris Hedges on the first Redacted Tonight VIP of 2017, Lee Camp used Rev. Billy’s Iowa court case in a question to Chris Hedges who give a 3 min answer… a great answer, a great interview on how the US Deep State will play out in a Trump presidency.
4 Roger Routh video clips of Jan 10 program…..
   Rev Billy talks about the poisoning of Iowans and the culture of Monsanto
   Rev Billty “following the lead of  “Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matte and Standing Rockl”
   Rev Billy on “Knowing evil in the USA and our liberal/progressive trianglating response”
   Frank Cordaro on the World Food Prize and Joseph’s Food Policy for Pharaoh, a biblical perspective  (Gen. 47:13- 20), Jan 10, 2017, DM IA

https://youtu.be/lArdUakqiPg (7.1/2 min)


Jan. 12, 2017 Des Moines IA: Charges dropped for Rev Billy and Frank Cordaro: “I have a problem with a football field away,” Judge Coppola

Jan 8, 2016: News Release: Jan 11 Jury Trial Rev. Billy and DMCW Frank Cordaro vs World Food Prize, the State Capitol and Free Speech in DM IA / Tues Jan 10 Evening Program

Jan 10, 2017 “In A Trial Against Protesters, The State Of Iowa Seeks Unusual Ban On First Amendment Defense” by Monte Burke, Forbes mag.

Jan 9, 2017: “Why Monsanto Wants Me In Jail” by Rev Billy Talen, Buzz Flash


What is Occupy the World Food Prize?
11 different audio/video clips of Frank Cordaro answering the question “What Is Occupy the World Food Prize?” from June 2012 to October 2015

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