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2017 May 20: DMCW Frank Cordaro arrested, cited and released at IA Guard Drone Command Cen. Arms Forces Day Witness – 18 min video talk & arrest

May 20, 2017 (18 min) Cover’s Frank Cordaro’s speech and arrest at DMCW & VFP “Stop the Killing / Honor the Dead Arms Forces Day” Witness at the IA Guard Drone Command Center in DM ….
“Frank Cordaro of the DMCW tells some historical and present context of the U.S. done, killing machine, before being arrested at the Iowa Air Guard Drone command center. Every school child should learn this history, as well as every parent” intro & video by Roger Routh
CORRECTION! At the beginning of my talk, I miss spoke, identifying the reading from the book of Isaiah, instead of Ezekiel. I correct myself midway through the text explanation. FC

43 Photo slide show May 20 Arm Forces Day Witness at DM Drone Command Center by DM CWers and VFP …..  https://www.flickr.com/photos/frank_cordaro_and_the_dm_catholic_worker/albums/72157680936659204

Yesterday, on the 9th day of a continuous vigil/picket line at the entrance of the IA Air Guard 132nd Drone Command Center in Des Moines, the DM Catholic Workers and the Bill Basinger DM Chapter of the Vets for Peace hosted the “Honor the Dead – Stop the Killing Arms Forces Day” Ezekiel 33 Watch man’s Witness.

Twelve in mass, the crowd was humble in number. The IA Guard security and DM police were ready for more. The National Guard security had already closed down the main gate. This allowed the Witness to set up on the drive in front of the closed Command Center entrance gate.A call out to Michele and Greg Boertje-Obed, from the Hildagard CW in Duluth who drove down for the Witness. They brought their “Transformation Plowshares” Banner, a great addition to our picket line  https://transformnowplowshares.wordpress.com/

There was time for anyone who wish, to share some words. DMCW’ers and VFP members Gil Landolt and Ed Bloomer were among those who spoke.

Frank Cordaro was the last to speak. He began with reading from the 33rd Chapter of the Prophet Ezekiel, and the call to the Watchman.  Cordaro challenged the local Catholic community in particular and the larger DM Christian community to take an honest look at what is going on at the Drone Command Center and begged all to move away from our practice of blind Nationalism when it comes to war and peace issues.

Cordaro again challenged his fellow Iowans to demand the end of  the killing of women and children from the Drone Center on the South Side of Des Moines!  He challenged us all “to honor our pass military warriors, on this Arms Forces Day, who made the ultimate sacrifice of their lives by stopping today’s computer geek counterfeit warriors, who at best are assassins from the skies and at worse, killers of women and children!”

The DM Police and the IA Guard Security did not interfere with the Witness at their gate. After the Witness was done, they informed everyone that they were on Guard property and needed to leave or get arrested. Everyone left the gate and returned to the grass at the entrance to the base, except Frank Cordaro. who remained at the gate, was arrested, taken to the DM Police Station, given a written citation and a Tuesday May 30th, 1 p.m. court date at the Polk Co Justice Center at 222 5th Ave. D.M. Cordaro was also issued a ‘ban and bar’ letter from the IA Air National Guard Drone Command Center property.

Next Witness……..

What: Iowa Vets for Peace speak out against Drone Command Center
When: Sat. May 27, 4 p.m.
Where:  IA Air Guard Drone Command Center, 3100 McKinley Ave, Des Moines, IA

Gil Landolt – DMCW & Pres. DM Vets For Peace
515 333-2180
Edward Flaherty IA City VFP

319 621-6766
What: Frank Cordaro’s day in court for May 20th arrest …
When: Tuesday May 30, 1 p.m.

When: Polk Co. Justice Center, 222 5th Ave DM IA

*** Vigil ‘picket line’ at Drone Command continues. Call a head of time for details, days and times …. and stay tuned….

For more info contact:

Frank Cordaro, Des Moines Catholic Worker,,

Past Media
May 11, 2017 “Iowa peace protest planned”, WHO News

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