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2016 OWFP Summary Report, pt 2  Rev Billy Program & Trial Victory!

Dec. 13 –  Jan 10, 2017 “The Rev. Billy / Frank Cordaro vs Industrial Ag / World Food Prize Pretrial SHOW!” in DM IA; for a night of singing and song, witness and testimony!”

Jan 8 – News Release: Jan 11 Jury Trial Rev. Billy and DMCW Frank Cordaro vs World Food Prize, the State Capitol and Free Speech in DM IA / Tues Jan 10 Evening ..

Jan 12 – Des Moines IA: Charges dropped for Rev Billy and Frank Cordaro: “I have a problem with a football field away,” Judge Coppola

Jan 14 – Two new Roger Routh videos of DMCW Frank Cordaro and Rev Billy from Jan 10, 2017 Pre-trial Program in DM

Jan 16 – Last week’s trial* with Rev Billy in DM makes national RT News* twice! …..”Monsanto’s Unprecedented Attack On Freedom Of Speech” Redacted Tonight

Jan 19 – Why Monsanto Couldn’t Jail Us: Reflections on a Trial by a Professional Protester


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