Racism & CW discussion Jan – March 2018

Jan 27 –  Racism statement by Midwest Catholic Worker Faith & Resistance Gathering 2017 … forward by Lincoln Rice, Casa Maria CW
Jan 27 –  More on CW Racism Discussion … message from Felton Davis, NYC CW
Feb 1 – A response to open letter on racism in the CW … message from Brian Terrell, Strangers and Guests CW farm, Maloy, Iowa
Feb 2 –  Ciaron O’Reilly Response to “Midwest Faith and Resistance Statement (on Racism) 2017”
Feb 3 –  St Louis CW – Megan Macareg’s response to Ciaron O’Reilly’s post on Racism plus names of 21 petitioners from Fri Nigh NYC Round-table asking that Megan’s response be posted
Feb 5 – Video: Anti-Racism and the CW – Feb 2, 2018 Mary CW House, NYC … message from Jenny Truax, St Louis CW
Jan-Feb 2018 NYC CW “Racism & the CW by Brenna Cussen Anglada
CW Racism p.1.jpg
CW Racism p.2.jpg
Feb 5 – Catholic Worker Brenna Cussen and Joe Kruse – Magnificast podcast (episode on the Catholic Worker)
Feb 10 –  The Anti-Racist Dorothy Day “EXCERPT FROM DOROTHY DAY FOR ARMCHAIR THEOLOGIANS” …. forward by IA City CW
Feb 27 –  First issue of the Catholic Worker Anti-Racism Review is coming soon! …. message from Ellen Euclide
March 7 – “Racism and the Catholic Worker Movement” by Bob Graf, Milwaukee CW & link to past posted Racism & CW movement https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/national-cw-e-mail-list/yB-lh2X5rbo
March 13 –  “Racism, the Catholic Worker and Me” by Frank Cordaro, Feb 2018 via pacis p. 8
March 16 – Anti racism in the CW … message from DMCW Julie Brown by way of Iraqi Kurdistan



March 17 – Some thoughts on the “racism” discussion …. message from Kara Ann Speltz, Oakland CA https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/national-cw-e-mail-list/LeP8QccSwkk


March 24 – “Anti-racism means giving up unjust power” … message from Mali Lorenz https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/national-cw-e-mail-list/5Hv7-nbtqPs






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