2018 Kings Bay Plowshares postings

April 5 – Kings Bay Plowshares: 7 Catholic Peace Activists arrested at Kings Bay Naval Base Georgia … all dear friends and CWers! https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/national-cw-e-mail-list/IqRS_EhjrcQ
April 5 – 7 PROTESTERS DETAINED AT NAVAL SUBMARINE BASE IN KINGS BAY, First Coast News    http://www.firstcoastnews.com/mobile/article/news/local/data/crime/7-protesters-detained-at-naval-submarine-base-in-kings-bay/77-535432108


April 5 – Full Report: Seven Kings Bay Plowshares activists arrested inside Trident nuclear submarine base, Nuke Resister

April 5 – “Plowshares activists arrested for action at Georgia naval base” by James Dearie, NCR     https://www.ncronline.org/news/justice/plowshares-activists-arrested-action-georgia-naval-base

April 5 – “Seven Plowshares Activists Arrested Protesting at U.S. Nuclear Sub Base” Democracy Now Headlines   https://www.democracynow.org/2018/4/5/headlines/seven_plowshares_activists_arrested_protesting_at_us_nuclear_sub_base

April 5 –  “Seven Peace Activists Arrested After Entering Nuclear Submarine Base in Georgia” by Jon Queally, Common Dreams

April 6 – “Catholic peace activists face charges after detention at submarine base” Catholic Philly     http://catholicphilly.com/2018/04/news/national-news/catholic-peace-activists-face-charges-after-detention-at-submarine-base/

 April 7 – “Bond Denied for 7 Catholic Protesters Who Prayed on Nuclear Submarine Base in Georgia” Sojourners mag

April 8 –  “How Do You Tell the Kids that Grandma Is in Jail for Resisting Nuclear Weapons?” by Frida Berrigan, Truth Out

April 9 – “Seven anti-war activists raid Georgia nuclear submarine base with hammers, bottles of blood” by Leslie Eastman, Legal Insurrection
April 10 – Update on King’s Bay Plowshares from .Bill Ofenloch


April 12, – “Article in the New Haven Register about Kings Bay Plowshares” forward from Luz Catarineau-Colville

April 13 – “Armed with a hammer and blood in a baby bottle, Garner man arrested at nuclear submarine base” BY ANNE BLYTHE, News & Observer, RALEIGH


April 13 – Kings Bay Plowshares “Tridents must be dismantled” forward message from John Linnehan, passed on by Rosalie Riegle with note.

April 14 – Kings Bay Plowshares – Clare called today!! …. message from Mary Anne Grady Flores

April 15 – Kings Bay Plowshares – Patrick called this morning …. message from Mary Rider, Patrick O’Neill’s wife and fellow Fr. Charlie Mulholland Catholic Worker Garner NC

April 17 – Kings Bay Plowshares update … message from Luz Colville
April 17 – Kings Bay Plowshares short reflection from Clare Grady … forward from Ellen Grady

April 18 – Legal team update for Kings Bay Plowshares … message from Luz Colville

April 21 – Support the Kings Bay Plowshares … forward by Max Obuszewski
April 21 – Kings Bay Plowshares “A Reflection by Martha Hennessy” …. forward by Kings Bay Plowshares Support Comm

April 29 – Kings Bay Plowshares “Great article in the St. Mary’s, GA paper” PLOWSHARES : WHO ARE THEY? WHAT DO THEY WANT?, April 27, 2018

April 30 – King Bay Plowshares “Update on Mark Colville” … message from Luz Colville                    https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/national-cw-e-mail-list/MS0x38P5RP0

April 30 – King Bay Plowshares “Update on Mark Colville” … message from Luz Colville    https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/national-cw-e-mail-list/MS0x38P5RP0

April 30 – Article by Wash DC CW Art Laffin on Pax Christi USA Web Site– “Daniel Berrigan¹s Ethic of Resurrection and the Kings Bay Plowshares”      https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/national-cw-e-mail-list/aMJQqzLhiE0

May 1 – Kings Bay Plowshares: Fr. Steve Kelly, S.J.’s reflection from jail … forward by Jack & Felice Cohen-Joppa                                     https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/national-cw-e-mail-list/a3FbAVk5J7g

May 4  – Kings Bay Plowshares 4 count Fed. Indictment returned! Southern District of GA                                    https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/national-cw-e-mail-list/3bKpm7F5YH8




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