2019 April via pacis

19 04 v.p cover.jpg

19 04 v.p.

April 2019 via pacis
p.1 CW Faith and Resistance Retreat Report by Danielle Steger
p.2 “Prison Reform” by Jade Suganuma
p.3  “A Culture of Violence: The Roots of the Migrant Caravan” by Richard Flammer
p.4 “Seven Women Walked into the Vatican: A Mission Walked Out” by  Maria Bergh
p.4 ” Catholic Worker Farm Retreat: Catholic Worker Farms are Thriving” by Jakob Whitson and Ryna-Ria Ignacio
p. 5 ” Americanism: the Single-Most Threatening “-Ism” on the Planet” by Frank Cordaro
p. 6 “Visions of What is to come in Venezuela” by Patrick Stall
p. 8 “From Des Moines to Chiapas Mexico and Back” by Jakob Whitson
p. 9 Norman’s Whereabouts
P. 9 Frank’s Historic Dump
p 10 RIP for Mike Smith, Luke Swann and Dale Darr

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