1986 Aug 24 – 21st Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

1986 Aug 24 – 21st Sun Ord Time (Bulletin Letters)

August 22, 1986

Dear Friends:

LORD, ARE THEY FEW IN NUMBER WHO ARE TO BE SAVED? This week’s Gospel.   Jesus is asked who will be saved. The Jews in Jesus’ time thought themselves the exclusive chosen people. By the time we get to Chapter 13 in Luke, Jesus is well on his way to Jerusalem for the final show down with the Church and State of his day. He is painfully aware of his own rejection from his nation’s leader.  In today’s Gospel, Jesus says the way to salvation is through a narrow door.  How Narrow? Narrow enough for only one person at a time. No membership with any group, Church, political party, economic status, nation or race will carry us through this narrow door. Salvation will be yours when we faithfully live out the life God has called us to live. Some have harder roads to travel, yet all must follow their own way for the narrow door is only one person wide.

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY: This week marks a year since I started having Home Masses. The first home mass was at George & Betty Barry’s place outside Pisgah.  Since then, I have been in 45 homes celebrating the Eucharist with families and friends.  This last week I was at Charles and Luch Wendt’s place.  It had by far the largest number of people I have ever had at a home mass.  They were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary and all but two of their kids were present.  They raised 13 kids!  We had 56 folks at the mass and all were just family.  It has been a rich experience for me.  A chance to see you at home with your families and share with you the Eucharist.  I can’t think of a better way for us to get to know on another.  Thank you!  I figure I got two more years to go before I get around to all of you.  May the rich experience continue.



Fr. Frank


P.S.  Three weeks ago I ran an article in the bulletin on a congressional study that said one-half of one percent of the population controlled 35 percent of the nations wealth.  The study was in error.  Actually, the super rich control 26.9 percent of our nation’s wealth…





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